Abattoir Fermé conjures some confronting ghosts

The theatre is simmering, smoke lingers in the air and obscures the already shadowy stage. After our eyes are used to the darkness, outlines of a leafy swamp become visible. Anticipation is in the air. Abattoir Fermé is touring with their latest production, Ghost. An absurd performance without dialogue, but with a host of eerie characters.

Abattoir Fermé is known for its socially engaged pieces, delving deep into our perceptions and messing with our interpretation. Ghost, directed by house-director Stef Lernous, works on the senses and emotions, placing you on the edge of your seat on a journey through a strange part of the American South. Ghost’s main strength is the ‘unknown’, it works on our fears like sticking your hand into a box with something creepy inside, you never know what you are going to find.

The ghosts that Ghost conjures are reflections of not only our fears, but our hopes and desires. They don’t speak, but are governed by strange form of ventriloquism. Their actions raise questions; is there something like good and bad? Who makes those distinctions? Aren’t we all just the same people, just dressing different?

Ghost is deftly choreographed, sometimes almost a dance, an eternal waltz around our deepest fears and expectations. A play that mostly baffles, but whose characters start to grow on you as they progress through the swamp that is their, and our, lives. We ride the metro, walk the streets, work our jobs like ghosts as well. How are we different?

If life is an act, then Ghost dissects life like a very scary surgeon. With a haunting soundtrack by Kreng, this play is a deep reflection on ourselves. Go see it if you dare.

Next shows:

18/12 at De Velinx
14-15/12 at Stuk
16-17/12 at Vooruit

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