La Buvette

A restaurant’s small details hint to its overall quality. Bread is one of those details, giving the guest an idea of the general level of his evening to come. Indeed, bread is important, but funnily often the only course not made in the restaurant itself.

In La Buvette however, the bread is so crispy and tasteful that it might not come from a conventional Brussels bakery. Which is good, because even though the menu consists of seven courses, the size of the separate portions is not enormous. The quantity might be modest (we’re still debating about this, Mrs F disagreeing with me), the quality is not. The menu is a glorious parade of springy freshness with the right savoury accents at the right place.


The focus is on seasonal vegetables, either in the foreground, or as a tasteful background for interesting cuts such as pollack, cat shark or pork leg. Star of the show are the wild garlic gnocchi with caramelised reduced buttermilk. Modest on the menu, delightful in the mouth. A great place to discover.

La Buvette
Chaussée d’Alsemberg 108 – 1060 SAINT GILLES

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