David Ray – Tolkien, Encyclopédie illustrée

Fan of Tolkien, you wouldn’t want to miss it! Published by Hachette in October 2012, the Encyclopedia written by David Day isn’t the sole book about Tolkien. However, this particular book addresses only the well-informed reader and those well aware of the world created between 1910 and 1937 by the genius that was Tolkien … No continuous text to read but an alphabetical index allowing us to understand the story… 


The must? Magnificent engravings to illustrate this piece of work !

In short, an indispensable guide if you want to learn who Radagast is or if you don’t know what an Istari is, the encyclopedic format should not pose a problem at all !

Therefore, all that’s left for me to do is to wish you a good read !

Translated from David Ray – Tolkien, l’encyclopédie Illustrée by Berny.

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