Jour de fête in Brussels

If I were working in the city centre, I would certainly eat at “Jour de fête” each and every day. Everything in this restaurant makes you want to come back again and again:

* the decoration is minimalist, but deliciously retro, with tables and chairs coming directly from grandma’s kitchen – not to mention the bar and the surrounding objects – and the cute little flags hanging on the wall create a very special atmosphere.


* the dishes are delightful, prepared with ultra-fresh, ultra-healthy and ultra-generous ingredients, favoring vegetables and (good) starches. Scamorza is also available! As the menu changes every week, you can taste different dishes every day!


* the white wine flavored with Mirabelle plum, from Belgian origin and soberly called “La Brusselloise“, served with orange slices and ice, is perfect as a pre-dinner drink. I congratulate Régnier, who works hard to product this wonderful drink.


* the dairywoman’s smile, as well as her warm welcome, are particularly appreciated in our gloomy everyday life.

* the basement room, with its disco ball, nooks and corners, velour-covered benches, and incredible bar, all in seventies style! Closing your eyes, you can nearly see the Village People and John Travolta! You can rent the room for parties as soon as you gather 30 guests (up to 100). Possibility of catering, DJ and more… Keep this address in mind, it’s really worth it!


Jour de fête
Boulevard Anspach 181, 1000 Bruxelles
Open from Monday to Saturday at lunchtime (and on Thursday evening).

Translated from A la découverte d’un resto: Jour de fête à Bruxelles by Melo

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