Eltham jazz food & wine festival

Melbourne’s musical scene is something very particular. Do you know that street artists (singers, music players, troubadours,…) have to take a test before being allowed to perform on the streets of the city? That’s why you can hear such high-quality music over there.

Last weekend took place a jazz festival not far from the city in Eltham, which brought the best music available, great local food, and top rating wines to try.

I had the opportunity to swing and groove to different performances, and I fell for a band called ‘Kimba & Ryan’. The lady singer’s warm voice really got me dreaming! She was accompanied by her guitarist husband. This duo is highly regarded for their unique interpretations of jazz standards.

Kimba and Ryan.

They were also accompanied by a drummer and a cello player. Between balades and funny grooves, I had a wonderful time! Especially when an 8 years old guest, Luca, arrived and played the drum to one song. Amazing!

If you want more info about this band, go and check out their website : http://www.perfectdaymusic.com.au/

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