Fashion meets technology: wearable phone chargers

Every mobile phone user – heavy user or not – has encountered this problem : you urgently need to use your phone but your battery died and you have no charger available.

Some people drag their phone charger along wherever they go, but as a woman you already carry so much stuff (ok, that’s maybe just me). Wouldn’t it be nice if this could be solved in an elegant way?

That’s what eBay and the CFDA must have thought when they asked Mara Hoffman, Michael Bastian, Shipley & Halmos, Milly and Rachel Zoe to design wearable phone chargers. I just love it when fashion meets technology!

The American designers created a limited edition of bracelet phone chargers that double as USB chargers, in collaboration with eBay and the CFDA.

The bracelets are compatible with iPhone 4/4s/5, iPods, Android smartphones and BlackBerry devices with a micro USB connector. Interested in getting one yourself? The wearable phone chargers will be available via

I like the bracelet designed by Rachel Zoe. Which one is your favorite?

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