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Fonteyne is a famous caterer who has no less than 3 addresses in Brussels: one in Uccle in Fort-Jaco, one rue des Tongres in Etterbeek and one in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (Stockel). Besides the catering service, you can also eat at lunchtime in the last two places. I had the opportunity to eat there several times and I must say that the quality/price ratio is quite good. At lunch, you have the choice between different dishes of the day (salads, wok, fish dishes, etc.) and traditional dishes, such as hachis Parmentier or pasta depending on the season. The desserts (panna cotta, red fruit tiramisu, mousse au chocolat, pavlova, etc.) will seduce you as soon as you enter the shop (luckily, they can also be ordered as take-aways, so they can all be tasted!). The dishes are about 12/15 euros and a big jug of water (slightly lemony) stands on each table. This is really appreciated and lowers the bill if you don’t drink wine with your meal.

The fresh section is a real treasure trove! There is a great choice of dishes: dishes of the day, fish dishes, meatloaves, Bolognese sauce, hachis Parmentier, different kinds of mashed potatoes in small or family-size portions, polenta with parmesan cheese, filled zucchinis, grilled vegetables, several organic products, poultry, etc. Most of the preparations can be kept several days in the fridge, so you can get your meals for the week.

Another particularity of Fonteyne is that they offer a wide range of healthy food, called “Fit for you”. These low fat, whole meals are made of fresh products and chosen according to the season. As they are vacuum-packed, they can be stored in the fridge for a week or be frozen, and it only takes a few minutes to warm them up in the microwave or traditional oven. You can order your dishes for the week and take them away all in one go. It is also possible to get a nutritionist’s advice.

Fonteyne also offer meals for companies or for your guests at home. Last winter, I tried their Christmas menu and I must say that I was rather impressed: it was exquisite! And if I’m not mistaken, the price was reasonable: approximately 40 euros per person for a complete eve dinner. Fonteyne also organize cooking lessons for all ages.


Fonteyne the Kitchen
1395 chaussée de Waterloo – Uccle
27 avenue Baron D’Huart – Woluwé-Saint-Pierre
107 rue Gérard – Etterbeek

Translated from Fonteyne the Kitchen, traiteur comme on les aime by Maud

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