How to be found by recruiters?

Because at the moment nothing is more difficult than finding a job, people hang onto theirs like a mussel onto a rock, forgetting that sometimes the grass is greener elsewhere and that no, being exploited isn’t necessarily normal or acceptable.

Although it is not always easy to feel like a fish in the water on the employment market, and changing jobs like sweaters isn’t necessarily the best idea – crisis or no crisis, being versatile isn’t always an asset – nothing keeps employees from being on the look-out for an offer a tad more in keeping with their qualifications and expectations, right?

And that’s exactly why StepStone offers you the possibility to upload your CV online. A CV that will be integrated into their database and accessible to recruiters who are looking for a new employee… Not only are they then susceptible to contact you concerning a post with more attractive advantages than those of the one you occupy, but you will also receive interesting job offers before anyone else. This comes in handy considering the number of jobseekers on the market and the number of applications for a job position.

Anyways, finding a job via StepStone seems to be easy enough, leaving no reason not to sacrifice the few minutes necessary to fill in your CV.


You’re not convinced? You’re feeling pangs of guilt at the idea that you might obtain a job from under the nose of a desperate jobseeker at the edge of suicide?

First, keep in mind that if you find a new job, you’ll leave a vacancy… So, no justification for qualms! And then, the job market is a jungle (a marine one but a jungle nevertheless), don’t forget that!

Secondly? If you upload your CV before November 17th, you’ll enter the draw for an iPad 2… If that’s not a publicity campaign, what is it, huh?

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