Gili The Mentalist at the FFACT evenings

We’ve already told you about these new English evenings that take now place at the TTO once a month, haven’t we? (Yes we have… just here, remember! If you don’t, well, shame on you cause  you really are a bad audience !)

And now you are wondering how the very first show of these new FFact thing was, aren’t you? Yes, I can tell how curious you are about it… Well, I’m gonna tell you : it was simply… amazing !

No, really ! I promise that Gili hasn’t hypnotized, paid nor seduced me to convince you that his show was the best I’ve ever seen (…or maybe he did but I can’t remember) ’cause it really was ! Well, maybe that’s also because I’m not really used to going to Mentalist or Magician shows and don’t have a lot to compare with but I guess the only way for you to know is to go and see him.

Actually, Gili is absolutely no English guy at all ! He’s a Flemish man named Lieven Gheysen and he’s apparently well known in the Flanders. It’s therefore not surprising that the French part of Belgium has never heard of him before. Anyway, his English is really good (or at least a way better than mine) and I couldn’t have guessed he was Flemish if he hadn’t told us during the first part of his show.

The thing is Gili is not only a magician, a mentalist or a guy who knows tricks, but he’s also a performer and a great humorist. That’s surely why the TTO asked him to perform on their stage: his tricks are quite puzzling but all the fuss he makes about them is even funnier. He likes to play with words and knows how to use body language and create a good interaction with the audience !

So take my advice: go and see Gili’s performance as soon as you can but also don’t hesitate to go to the TTO next month for the second show of FFact ’cause if Olivier Giraud is as good as Gili, well, you definitely won’t regret it !

More information about FFact and about Gili.

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