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You’ve heard about the new 5 euro banknote, haven’t you? A lot of medias talked about it because it was refused a few times by people who thought it was a counterfeit but did they really explain the reason why this new banknote was coming out? I’m not sure about that… That’s why I made my own investigation.

Well, according to the wonderful website Our moneyavoiding conterfeiting would be the exact reason to this change: “The new security features offer better protection against counterfeiting and make the banknotes even more secure.” But not the only one, though: the new 5 euro banknote, which is the most used in Europe, is also supposed to be more durable, so better for the environment (and it’s always a good news nowadays…).

Actually, the 5 euro banknote is the first but not the last. The other denominations, i.e. €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500, will be introduced over the next few years… Even if some differences are quite easy to notice, the European Central Bank has made some ads to help people knowing and recognizing the new banknote.

Let’s have a look at them:

Not too useless, is it?

But I have to admit that my favourite one is this one:

Who would have thought the European Central Bank could make funny ads, uh? Well, not me !

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