(I’m definitively and completely) Lost!

We won’t go into an in-depth and detailed analysis of each season of Lost. No. Because, after the first season, we were, totally lost (no pun intended). A cocktail of characters (although stuck on a deserted island), lined up choking events, as many twisted intrigues as you could wish for. Miss one or two episodes, and X ends up dead, Y has disappeared, Z turns out to be a woman and A, B and C are singing Michael Jackson songs after having discovered liters of rhum on a ghost shipwreck.

Clearly, a way of inciting us to buy the DVDs, if I know anything at all. Six seasons, in addition! Who are they kidding?

Little Naïra is expected at the cash register number one , little Naïra is expected at the cash register number one.

Yes, my opinion is quite partial, but I could not care less for once, because I am deception (as they would say). I only need to go to the movies one evening to be dumped on the deserted island of incomprehension by guys who are themselves, lost in the middle of nowhere. Ironic, isn’t it? Just for that, I chose to boycott them!

In any case, it’s not dramatic, is it? The worst thing about all this will be that they ended up losing a viewer. No big deal!

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