Jean-Pierre Vasseur – Les Mots justes de l’anglais pour tous les jours

Even if Les Mots justes de l’anglais pour tous les jours is not supposed to be read by English speakers, I reckon some of them could be interested. Needless to say but if French speakers use this vocabulary book to learn English words, English people who want to learn French could easily use it too.

The size is quite handy and some thematic lists are interesting and useful when you can’t describe the word you’re trying to find.

The English words’ phonetic transcription will be useless for you, of course, but if you can disregard it – this and the layout mistakes -, this little (and cheap) book could be a good idea to practice your French !

Les Mots justes de l’anglais pour tous les jours, Jean-Pierre Vasseur, Miniguides Ecolibris, 160p., 4.90€

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