Jim or the return of my little pony…

We had already written something about Jim Mobile and their ads using some talking animals. We were a bit sceptical about it and they seem to have heard about it cause they switched the monkeys for a cuddly pony.

Actually, it’s not just a cuddly pony. This pony is a life-sized and talking one who is apparently able to skateboard with you and your friends. How cool is that?

Don’t believe me? Take a look, then:

What about the telephone operator? Well, like our lucky pony – on a friendly purpose let’s call it Jimmy – who’s fucking skateboarding, nothing can hold you back with Jim Mobile!

Free texts, free calls and 3G, a reasonable price and no subscription, there are more and more ads talking about all the different possibilities we have… Yeah, the competition is obviously getting harder but if several users decide to change for a cheaper or more convenient solution, a lot of them just don’t cause they think changing would be difficult and unpleasant.

How to disagree with them when you still have to go to a shop, sign several papers and so on? Seriously, even with if the different operators have agreed on an easier procedure, it’s still a pain in the ass.

Well, there is obviously nothing to do but hoping that one day a one-click solution will save us from this boring procedure. Since then, I reckon Jim Mobile has to count on Robert and his bestiality to convince you!

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