Jîn and Michael at the BRFF

Today is the BRFF’s last day. The BR, what? The BRFF or the Brussels Film Festival, if you want… A festival that takes place every year for a week at Flagey for the enjoyment of all the films-lovers. No Star Trek, no Spiderman, no silly Internship but a lot of movies from many countries (which means, sometimes, subtitles in three languages !). Twelve movies were in the oficial competition and among them, three were about war and its consequences: Viva Belarus, Jîn and Michael Kohlhaas.

Jîn and Michael didn’t seem to have much in common and yet… Truly honest but victims of injustice, they have to stand up for their rights. Strong and patient, they keep on fighting for their life and what they think to be right, till the end.

These two movies that show beautiful landscapes soiled by human cruelty but also a beautiful inner journey and a terrible destiny make us think about the slight differences between good and evil, the good and the bad but also about the choices we have to make in this world of absurdity.

More about the BRFF.

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