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As I’m a marketing and communication lover, I would rather go eating in a restaurant called “Au Pays des Merveilles” than “Chez René”, although there’s nothing wrong with Dear René!

It is crazy indeed that I can draw up a list of the best bagel snack restaurants in New York, but not in Brussels! This is no longer the case, as this little restaurant commonly called APDM is THE bagel maker of the capital city. APDM exists since 2008, but as I’m a bit lazy and didn’t really have time, I had to wait for a restaurant to move to Ixelles to discover it.

There is something for every taste there, with a thousand different fillings – ok, I might be slightly exaggerating –, ranging from hot chicken to goat’s cheese, as well as cheddar and pastrami, and all these are really, really good. The homemade cream cheese (the basic bagel filling) is outstanding! Maybe I could borrow some for my cupcakes’ topping next time…

If you’re on a diet and have to control the amount of bread you eat (I know it’s hard), don’t worry: all the bagels can be transformed into gigantic, generous salads. I tasted the Italian one, with incredible marinated aubergines. If you’re desperately dreaming of a bagel, you can allow yourself one by choosing multiseed, organic or brown bread and taking a light filling.

The 100% US desserts (cheesecakes, giant cookies, cupcakes and carrot cakes) are also amazing! Let’s just say that this new address is already buzzing in the Cake’s family and will certainly become our place-to-eat at lunchtime on Wednesdays.

The decoration is trendy vintage. I don’t know if I can say so, but these two words perfectly describe this beautiful wonderland, where you can enjoy eating your brunch, lunch or snack! And last but not least: the restaurant has a lovely and completely closed terrace, which is nice for children.

More information on APDM on its website and Facebook page

APDM Ixelles
Avenue Louis Lepoutre 6, 1050 Ixelles,
Open 7/7 for breakfast, lunch and teatime snack.

Translated from A la découverte d’un resto: APDM à Ixelles by Melo

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