A map of the world

A map of the world, what a title for a play… And what a significant choice for a story that takes place in Bombay at a UNESCO meeting about the poverty in the world, don’t you think so?

But is the meeting the hot topic of the play? Absolutely not, of course. The meeting is nothing more than a pretext for showing us two men that, starting to argue about the world, try to draw and impose their own vision, their own “map of the world” to each other. And is this political argument their real matter? Of course, not. Why would wealthy people really care about poverty? This argument is just another pretext to actually fight and fancy themselves as cocks of the walk. The reward? Being respected by all the others but, moreover, being loved by the very attractive Peggy Whitton.

Well, at least, that’s what the movie produced by Angelis is trying to show us. A free adaptation of Mr Mehta’s book.

What do you say? You feel a bit confused? A bit lost? No worries, it’s totally understandable. Even when you are in the audience, you feel a bit lost sometimes… So let me rephrase: this is a play that tells the story of a so-called literary adaptation depicting the meeting that we talked about aforesaid.

And then, how is it? Well… pretty good would we say !

First of all,  having an English play performed in English and subtitled in French and in Dutch in Brussels means a lot to us. What a brilliant idea to gather people from different spheres together! That’s what Culture should also do, shouldn’t it?

Then, the timeless topic and the mise en abyme – using three different medias to paint this “map of the world” – are indeed engaging. “A map of the world” shows us how subjective and altered things are, how politics matters, wealth and poverty, Europe and Africa, fiction and reality do not have only one definition or meaning. With a quite good scenery and an interesting stage direction, the play would have been perfect if some performances, dialogues and make-up choices hadn’t been so hardly convincing

However and despite these little deceptions, we can heartily recommend you to go and see “A map of world”. The play certainly worths it.

The play is still performed on the 18th, the 19th, the 20th and the 21th of december at the KVS.
(KVS_Reception – Arduinkaai 9 Quai aux Pierres de Taille, 1000 Brussels, T 02 210 11 00, F 02 210 11 05, info@kvs.be)

Written by David Hare.

Adapted by and with Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Peter Vandenbempt, Mieke Verdin, Willy Thomas, Ans Van den Eede, Peter Connelly.

More information about the KVS.

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