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Looking for a free platform for creating playlists and discover new songs ? Do you want to easily share your new musical discoveries on the social networks?  Solayo could be the solution.

Indeed, after a quick registration (2 minutes, I promise) through facebook or your email address, this platform allows you to create playlists with unlimited storage space and that are totally free! Specifically Solayo directly searches on YouTube, Dailymotion and /or Soundclound (up to your choice) and with a few clicks you create your playlists, you can share them on facebook and twitter and sort as you want the songs together.

In addition, as with other social networks, you have a profile (with playlists, photos, recently played music) and you can follow other members, you can see their playlists, import them on your profile, send messages, … In addition, your playlists, although based on other sites, are devoid of any pub! Exit annoying ads between each song on YouTube!

Finally, Solayo also offers different music channels (Rock, hip hop, dance, world music… ), which allows you to discover new songs, to drag them on your playlists, and then to share them! Up to now, there are 18 genres that are subdivided in more than 100 music channels! There are even 12 types of radios dedicated to Christmas songs!

This social platform is still in a beta version so there will, undoubtedly, be improvements and you can easily give your suggestions!

Pros: Free, unlimited storage space, no ads, discoveries of new songs, sharing of playlists, plenty of radios, user friendly, very intuitive,…Still a beta version so you can propose improvements.

Cons: completely public (no private playlist possible), internet access is required, you cannot mix the radios so when you want to discover new songs via the radio, you’re limited genre by genre. There is still a grey area: how will the website generate money? Ads, admission fees?

And you?  What do you think about it?

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