Must Eat London

You can’t eat well in London ! This statement is not true for Luc Hoornaert. This passionate foodie gathered the best culinary locations of the British capital city in Must Eat London.

While reading this book, I couldn’t stop thinking about taking the first Eurostar and go and check myself all the addresses mentioned.

The list is quite long and exciting. From the North to the South, from the East to the West, Luc Hoornaert draws his list of the best places in London for international cuisine. His eclectic and exotic selection, just like the city and its inhabitants, will suit all tastes and budgets: from food stalls, small eating-houses and Brit-pubs to high-class restaurants in the Shard, everyone will find the perfect place to eat depending on his/her culinary wishes.

Each one of Luc Hoornaert’s reviews is about a must eat, the unique speciality of the house. The history of the products and anecdotes around it are interesting and delightful to read. You will also discover more about the chefs and their ambitious careers. All the book is about sharing and enjoying experiences about food, with a kind of hipster spirit thanks to the pictures Kris Vlegels.

This book is a beautiful selection of surprising locations, sometimes a bit strange, but that all have authenticity in common. The typo is not quite perfect, that’s a pitty… But I’ve already drawn up the list of restaurants I will taste during my next stay in London. What about you?

Must Eat London, An eclectic selection of culinary locations, Luc Hoornaert, Kris Vlegels, Lannoo, 272p., 24,99€

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