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The Beatles? I’ve always been fond of them. 

Some say they were a bit dumb (especially in their early stages) and although I can’t disagree with the fact that some of their songs are a bit dull, I really think that their ability to move crowds, to gain millions of fans and to sell so many records tends to prove that whatever people say, the Beatles were a leading group which will undoubtedly be remembered.

However, as you know, nobody is eternal. Harrison and Lennon had the bad taste to pass away, Ringo and Paul found themselves alone ( alone together, yes… You know what I mean). Their reactions were different : while the first decided to stop playing music, the other one seemed to dedicate himself to his solo career.

A solo career somewhat ambivalent in my opinion. Flirting with both his past as a Beatle and his desire to turn the page, the result is a curious mix I’ve never been able to judge or criticize as I would have with other musicians.

In this new album, New, Paul McCartney does not show anything new (titles are sometimes misleading) but who cares ? When you’re getting older, losing your hair (whatever if you’re 64 or even more), well… Why should one change a winning team ? 

Paul thus performs his umpteenth show with pop songs, resolutely pleasant and full of a pep that reminds us of the radiant beginning of the famous quartet.

And what about us ? We listen to this album, cooking or working, with a rare and brief sunshine on our hands and the foot instinctively moving to the rhythm of music. And we smile, thinking about this old musician who, on the evidence of his latest album, has not finished to fill our ears with his ditties.

In short, this is another victory for Paul MC … A proof that some bugs die hard.

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