Sofia-Bulgaria: Cool evening in KEVA and a day trip to Rila

First of all, Sofia’s main street, the Vitosha. As it name says, you’ve a great view on the mount Vitosha still under the snow but behind us.Seaking for a breakfast, we stop by chance at Memento, small menu but good looking. A few coffees, a chocolate-banana-buttery-cake and a big chocolate cookie later, we’re ready to head on.

Today, the unmissable orthodox Rila monastery. The place is popular and we expect it to be crowded. As good geographers, having a map is always a big yes. Road becomes narrow, we can cleary see the country is not totally developped yet and could need some extra technical skills: woodcut by axe and carried by horse…


Once there, surprise, it’s gorgeous AND empty. An architectural marvel in the middle of snowy mountains. In the corridors, religious paintings, in a colourful way, really rich and kind of naïves. We’re deeply happy and spend hours picturing all the details.


Time for a lunch break and to make it easy, we choose the first restaurant with a nice view. A monastery soup with nettle. A healthy broth, saltless, perfect for a detox. Some grilled meat, for once. Mr G can’t resist to the homemade sausage call (spicy taste, but you need to spit some small bones regularly). For me, marinated chicken, not bad but a bit dry. Yoghurt is our friend, especially this creamy one coming from the closest farm. Add some honey, it’s a simple yet tasty end.


Coming back to Sofia, looking at the field workers burning their land, sheep are preventing us from driving too quick.

Skip your mind, now something totally different (as Monty Python would say)! K.E.V.A., a fancy place with a New York atmosphere. Mr G is totally committed to beer, and we try some courgette fritters, light and crispy. Idiot moment: We order feta with honey and walnuts. So used to beurek and philo pastries, we cut, we eat, errrk what’s thiz thing I can’t chew? Wait, let’s look at the menu to see what it’s supposed to be. Ah it says “feta baked in parchment paper”. Ahem… Well then when it’s removed, it’s tasty.


Cocktail time with a fresh strawberry mojito, which main problem is to be drunk too easily, delicious. We sample kebabs to end this meal, juicy with some old fashioned charcoal flavour, a no fuss pleasurable moment. Tapas style dinner in a friendly atmosphere, just what we needed!

K.E.V.A. – ul. Georgi S. Rakovski 114

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