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They say growing up is almost the most difficult challenge you’ll face in life. And I have to admit that I totally agree. Since I’m supposed to be responsible for my own life, it’s never been messier.

Well, actually, it’s not entirely true. My life has always been messy but being on time, for instance, was never so important before… Nothing was really important. We were just playing in a big playground and it was fun.

Hopefully, I won’t put any kids on this earth so I won’t have to be responsible for other people’s life but still, I have mine to take care of and I don’t think it would be the easiest thing to do.

But more than that, staying alive, staying smart, staying curious and open-minded seem to be more an more difficult nowadays.

My question is then: Why? Why are we becoming so lazy, so stupid, so happy with our situation? we hardly care about the others anymore, about our planet or about our brain.

I get told me I think too much, I’ll never be happy with my own life cause I want more, always. It’s true, of course but is it really better to be quickly satisfied and not to try to improve yourself or the world around us?

Such a dilemma, isn’t it?

Today, we are important. Today, we can change the world. Tomorrow we can be happy and healthy. That’s what Alpro is apparently trying to tell us with its new ads (see below) and even if I don’t really like ads, I have to say that this one is far from the worst I’ve ever seen.

Actually, I would even say that it’s quite good… The idea, the colours, the pace, the pictures… Everything makes you think about the future… our future.

The only bad thing is that I’m not sure it will convince people to drink soy milk.. But Who knows? Maybe you’ll think twice, now !

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I'm always curious about new things, I love learning and I'm a creative person. That means I need to use my creativity to feel good and happy. That's why I've created Culture Remains and my other website, Naïra.

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