The more I read the news the less I know about what’s going on…

I won’t tell you what you should think or what you should do. I won’t tell you who’s the good one and who’s the bad one. It’s not my job and it’s probably nobody’s job.

Who could honestly assure he knows the objective and unbiased truth?

Everybody has his own truth and that’s the reason why so many people disagree about so many things… So I’m not pretending I know things but there is at least one thing I do know and it’s how I feel completely lost about international matters and current affairs.

I’m not used to believing things I can’t properly see or test myself but, as a matter of fact, it’s impossible to see, test, try or investigate everything on earth yourself. So, at one point, you have to admit that you need other people’s opinions to make your own. That’s why media are usually useful. They’re meant to give us information we couldn’t gather ourselves. As objective as they should be, it occurs that not one has ever been. Human beings trying to describe facts… We all know how it is: there are always as many versions of a story as there are people relating it. And so are the media, all managed by human beings with different opinions.

Nowadays, we all know that we cannot trust everything we read or listen, things like globalization, media multiplication, the internet and social networks made things  so close but also so fuzzy or even far-fetched sometimes that more than education for all, we decided that Media education for the already-educated was needed…

However, educating people who assume they’re already civilized isn’t the easiest thing to do. As a matter of fact, surrounded by tons of information, they usually stop giving a fuck about all the stuff that aren’t clearly explained or clearly related to them. And we can’t even blame them for that. Because it would mean we’d have to blame at least 80% of the world’s population…

That’s probably an essential part of this misinformation problem, I would say.

No matter how educated you are, how long you went to school, how much media you read or listen to, how much a matter interests you, nobody is truly trained to fully understand the world and then explain it to others. On the one hand, we have people learning specific and practical stuff to be able to do their job correctly, on the other hand we have people learning specific stuff about subjects like arts, politics, psychology, literature but who are mostly incapable of explaining their research’s results simply and clearly.

And then, what? When at a literary event, you find the whole literary world; political debates attract all the politically informed people and art shows are full of arty people. People who can’t explain why their doing matters, why it is interesting and why people may learn a lot of useful and important things about themselves and the world they live in. People who know a lot of things, who can talk about complex subjects for hours but who are definitely having trouble sensitising people who aren’t already aware of their ideas or causes. 

But what if… it was this perpetual human desire to classify, separate and study subjects one at a time that made the world a bundle of inextricable information?

Too many articles, media, experts… What if the problem wasn’t only the not-too-well informed people feeling lost and dumb staring at all the things that happen in the world but also the well-informed who don’t take the time to get familiar, use and interact with other fields than their own?

Finally, what if the challenge of the 21th century wasn’t to find a way to inform and educate people properly but to make information straight to the point and clear enough but never simplistic?

And what if this way was taught to all these journalists, experts or professors who don’t understand how it comes people don’t understand them? Well, maybe I would feel like the world  and all the things happening right now were less nonsensical or beyond understanding. Maybe I would finally know what’s going on here and there and why people keep fighting and killing other people. Maybe I would understand why they can’t find a solution and why sometimes we stick our nose in other countries’ business and sometimes we don’t. Maybe I would be able to explain the things I’ve learnt to other people and maybe I would contribute to a slowly but non negligible change in people’s minds…

And so would you, wouldn’t you?

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