The World’s smallest kitchen

Did you know that only a little while ago, was the world’s smallest kitchen in Brussels? I didn’t and I’m so disappointed I missed it… It would be the perfect place for me to live, don’t you think? Well I had to face another disappointement though because it was obviously not for rent but to present the new Cookeo by Moulinex.

What is it? A super multicooker so intelligent that you just have to put everything in it and it actually cooks your dish for you. How great is that? !

When I see things like that, I can’t help thinking of my thesis about robots and the fact that a toaster that could take some initiatives about how to toast your bread could already be called “robot” following some definitions.

Anyway, if the Cookeo seems to be a good product for those who don’t like cooking or don’t know how to do it (even if I have no idea of the price), the ad is also well thought out… But just have a look.

So, my question is: were you lucky enough to have the chance to try it?

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