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Once upon a time, I was… bored. And I wanted to see so many new things! My first thought was: I need to travel and discover the world. What a better thing in life than travelling, looking forward to your next stop, your next mental picture, your next adventure?

But even though Canada and New Zealand are my favourite destinations for the moment, nobody would disagree with the fact that from our European countries, it’s still quite far…

That’s why I can easily understand that other people would rather go on a cheaper and nearer trip and… what is more attractive in November/December than our beautiful (and rainy) London? That’s what Eurostar is asking us with its ads!

No, seriously, London is always the place to be in Europe, isn’t it?

Well, whatever! But as I know you’ll be there this winter I think you should all share your own story with Eurostar. As they seem to expect them like a child expects his Christmas presents, I reckon they’re worth it  – even if they don’t dye your hair –, don’t you think so?

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