You are crazy about culture? You devour books, TV shows, movies? You like to party? You constantly get out to see concerts and exhibitions? You enjoy going to the theater and to restaurants? You like to travel, you grab any opportunity to have fun, and you are keen to learn new things but also enjoy a good laugh? Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place!


Culture Remains was born from the initiative of Carole, a young journalist who graduated in letters in 2007, sometimes known as Naïra.

An eclectic young woman, a true jack of all trades, curious and open to every cultural proposals, she loves to share her discoveries and knowledge. She had been writing for many years, contributing to various organizations until she had the idea to start her own website.

Initially named Culture & Compagnie… which should have been a mere exchange platform aimed at a well-informed audience quickly turned into a large community of experts in literature, fans of comics, fashion and beauty bloggers abounding with a myriad of tips and tricks, or even trendy moviegoers, just to name a few.

In October 2016, Culture Remains became a NPO.

Culture, you said Culture?

Yes, with a capital C, for all generations, of all genres, at times biting but never spiteful.

Why “Culture Remains”?

Because in these times of crisis, culture is torn apart, and its shreds are increasingly volatile and ephemeral, evanescent and poor. But also because if man is dust and unto dust shall return, Culture, as well as personal and intellectual enrichment, shall remain… immortal, timeless, impersonal. And because writing fixes what time wipes away, here is “Culture Remains.

How does it work?

For your ease and convenience, the website is organized in several subcategories:


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In this section, we offer all our cultural reviews. From Arts to Movies & TV shows, Books, Entertainment, Music, Restaurants, Travel, or Tours & Games … You name it!


Here you’ll find opinion pieces tinged with a bit of humor or rants about some events, current affairs, traditions, good ideas, quotes to ponder, interviews and a few posts whose watchword is sharing knowledge.


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