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I am a big fan of IKEA but I don’t like to buy posters or other wall art from the Swedish giant. They have great stuff but it is not unique and I believe that wall art is one of the finishing touches of your interior so you have to make it personal.

This also means that I am still looking after three years for nice (read: affordable) alternatives for wall art. While surfing on Etsy, I came across this great shop of art prints & posters.

The shop owner is Tom, a full time artist coming from La Sorbonne – Paris with an art master degree. He lives between London and Frankfurt (lucky him) and enjoys creating contemporary watercolor and oil paintings.

I saw his work online and I love it. Especially his paintings of cities like London and New York. I also like his butterflies paintings.

Best part of it all is that those paintings are for sale on Etsy for less than 20€. How great is that knowing that his work is displayed in galleries and personal collections throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia!

This could be a good investment ;-)   What is your favorite painting?

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