Announce your events

Want to advertise an event on the site? We offer you the possibility to use the space Calendar or Events.

The agenda, what’s that?

Culture Remains NPO may promote your products or events. They can be announced in advance in the agenda or in the blog – events and also, from time to time, be the subject of a contest.

Why be included in the agenda?

To view your event advertised on the website at least one week before the start date!

How to do so?

By sending us an email, maximum two weeks before the start of the event with all the information (dates, venue, address, price and abstract) and a visual.

How much does it cost?

As Culture Remains is now a NPO, the possibilities and the prices will change. These will be updated in 2017.

What does it look like?

Your events will be included in the agenda based on the type of show or product. It will also be seen in the carousel on the home page. You can also announce the release of a product or an opening a trade among other things (latest news, book outlets, opening, new collections) in the blog-events. The price will depend on the length of the article.

Social Networks

All articles will also be published on the Facebook and Twitter pages Culture Remains and integrated into the daily newsletter and weekly.

YOU ARE INTERESTED? Send us an email!