“Beyond Bruegel”: Bistronomy and Art

The newest Brussels hotspot 

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, the “Beyond Bruegel” exhibition would open its doors to the general public in the majestic Dynasty Palace in Brussels.

Tourism Flanders, Public Square, Duvel Moortgat and CREATE.eu  were joining forces to celebrate the Flemish Master with a total spectacle in terms of artistry and… gastronomy. To say nothing of Tourism Flanders that has invested 300,000 euros in this Bruegel experience.


“Beyond Bruegel” is, in fact, part of the 3-year programme around world-renowned  Flemish Masters.  Rubens was featured in 2018. This is the year of Pieter Breugel the Elder (1564-1638) while van Eyck will have his turn in 2020. Interestingly, Bruegel spent the last years of his life in Brussels where the Flemish master painted absolute masterpieces like Winter Landscape with Ice-skaters and Bird-trap and The Peasant Wedding. In 2019 – exactly 450 years after his death – the “Beyond Bruegel” expo pays tribute to the artist in the majestic Dynasty Palace, off the KBR, the Belgian National Library, at Mont des Arts. From the first floor, one can even gaze to the rooftops of the church where Breughel got married.

Stepping through the looking glass 

Thus, the multimedia company CREATE.eu  has framed an impressive multimedia experience that delves into the life and work of the Flemish Master. Just to make you feel the Wow of Art!  The innovative art experience in the Dynasty Palace showcases immersive projections that magnify his works and highlight exquisite details. As a visitor, you can empathize with the painter’s style and oeuvre in various spaces. You will then marvel at the eye-catching 360-degree that displays the world of Bruegel, both down-to-earth and imaginary. You walk, as it were, amidst the army-sized number of the character Dulle Griet (Mad Meg). Bobbing along on the ship at the foot of the Tower of Babel, come and meet the unique characters that emerged from the artist’s overactive imagination and still titillate ours. The show provides interesting comments in English, French and Dutch.

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Breugel’s artworks seem to come to life in this virtual tour and you may wander around through the very landscapes that fascinated the painter. His favourites are his homeland and Italy, of course. Such an experience is meant for the widest audience possible. The purpose is to attract large crowds of local people, families, students of all ages and tourists from around the world in a very accessible but dazzling way.

It is indeed an appetizing starting point to initiate a closer study of the artist and prompt people to push the doors of various museums and temporary exhibits where one can find the real masterworks. In Brussels and elsewhere. Just hop to the museum next door!

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Stimulating all the five senses

After such an evocative walk through the expo, you will land in  Plein Publiek, another tantalising treat both for your eyes and your taste-buds. You might want to only stop by for a snack and drink with a Breugelian touch but you might spoil yourself with a full-range gastronomic experience.  The common core is creativity and it is very difficult to resist, I must say. The experience is worth every penny.  This healthy and tasty food, however, delicately seasoned with herbs and spices has nothing to do with heavy Pantagruelic meals.

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The place is a conservatory erected in the impressive – previously vacant – building. In general, the venue will welcome you for a delicious brunch, fine concerts, jazz and dance evenings, workshops, vintage markets, etc. In the culinary offer of Plein Publiek BXL, the Bruegelline is the novelty.

From finger food to handfuls 

You might even get the chance to chat with Paul Delrez, the versatile artist that first created the Belgian-French Guinguette en Ville and has now obviously developed in Plein Publiek his new concept of pairing Food and Art. After all, isn’t food a visual thing in the first place? The wonderboy prepares such eye-catching dishes! Bring your camera.

Brushing up his Art history, the young dedicated Ex-Top Chef has elaborated a new culinary journey along with the brushstrokes of Pieter Bruegel himself. Imagination is at work. And so is the very best of bistronomy. Besides, mouth-watering descriptions on the menu depict the Chef’s seven sinful delights.

All seven dishes – go to heaven! –,   are created side by side with the paintings you will find printed on the menu.  Alongside, you will also indulge in heavenly ales and beers that match each creation. On top of this, a very helpful crew of smiling waiters will serve you most diligently.

As you can see, yummy handfuls of the consummate art of fine food are waiting for you. To share with your better half,  if you wish,  or not! It is up to you, as all dishes may be shared.  Two spoons, one dish is the policy! In our view, an additional pleasure! To make a long story short, we enjoyed this five senses experience tremendously and the Wow of food and Art pairing.


Discover the exhibition of “Beyond Bruegel” in the “Palais de la Dynastie” on the Mont des Arts in Brussels.
April 6th 2019 – January 31st 2020 www.beyondbruegel.be

Rue de la Régence / Regentschapsstraat 3
1000 Brussels

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