A British brunch at Britxos

When our friend, Mr GF mailed us to organize a brunch in a newly opened British café, I couldn’t have been happier. What can possibly give you more enthusiasm than discovering a new place in your city?

So Britxos, here we are. What about their name? A mix of British and Pintxos, those Basque Country tapas. Knowing how passionnate I am about everything Great Britain related and how much I enjoyed the food in our last stay in San Sebastian, we should definitively sample their britxos in the evening with a few cocktails. But well, we were there on a sunny saturday morning which is not that bad either. Brunch time comes with five meals and drinks (coffee, tea, juice, cava) for 30 euro. Including this time 10 euro in favour of Unicef. Or how not to feel guilty while eating smoked salmon.


We choose to eat outside as it’s pretty rare that the weather allows it here. The staff is really friendly, talking half french, half english (would you be able to recognize a New Zeland accent?). You should just know it’s not the place to brunch in a rush. Here, you sit down, relax, enjoy your friends and spend hours chatting while eating great things.


For instance, a thick yoghurt with honey and berries. Then comes grilled beetroot with smoked salmon and a nice dill flavour. Later it’s about a kind of sandwich with thin cripsy bread (what’s its official name?) filled with hot cheese, chicken and chorizo. And now, 100% British: fried egg, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes. Yum. Time to finish with a decadent cheesecake: chocolate crust, chocolate chips, a smooth cream that has a kind of custard character (look at this golden color, there should be quite some egg yolks in it).


Generous, tasteful in a really cool atmosphere, it’s just what we needed to wake up smoothly. We’ll be back.

Rue de Savoie, 13 – 1060 Saint-Gilles

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