A small and sleepy English coastal town: Broadchurch.  The young Danny Latimer is found dead at the foot of a cliff.  The thesis of a suicide is quickly ruled out and the death is unavoidably believed to a murder. Shock takes hold of the small community.

It falls upon inspector Alec Hardy, in the village for a stay in the countryside in the wake of a legal scandal, to resolve the case. This at the expense of native of Broadchurch detective sergeant, Ellie Miller, neighbour and friend of the Latimer family, whose promotion slips through her fingers. These two rather ill-matched characters (he is distant, she is empathic) have to work together to resolve the case. They will discover that in this tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone else, every inhabitant has a cause and is thus potentially guilty. Suspicions and tensions take hold. The inhabitants’ well kept secrets resurface; ghosts of the past reappear… The arrival of media further complicates the investigation.


A short and compelling crime-drama. The casting is very good, both for the main characters and the secondary roles (David Tennant as well as Pauline Quirke are impressive). Unlike in American series, there’s no haemoglobin, little action and little violence. The whole series is artfully suspenseful throughout, especially thanks to a wisely thought out characters’ psychology.

Translated from Broadchurch by Aude

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