Brussels Muzieque : a local and international concept to share music in the best way !

There are lots of musical innovations in Brussels, just like in other places in the world. We know it and we like it. Among these creations of new concepts, new compositions and new events, we discovered a concept that deserves to be known. Its name is Brussels Muzieque. And it is much more than just an event organizer.

Brussels Muzieque, what does it mean ? What is it clearly ?

Actually, we can say that Brussels Muzieque is a link. A link between musicians of all around the world. A link between people and music too. The founder, Eduardo Felipe Lacerda Tonietto explains : “We want to bring people from here, from there, from everywhere else, to be captured by art and music. This is our goal !“. Sharing the passion of music, that’s their point, by “playing music together”.

Musicians of Brussels Muzieque playing at the Art Base © D.R.

Brussels Muzieque is a name in three languages. That shows their international and multicultural vision of art.

Eduardo Felipe Lacerda Tonietto, the artistic director and creator of this “new cultural object”, is a musician too. A cellist from Brazil who is also a regular guest in Brussels Philharmonic.

We can recall some of the musicians who are working in this project like…

Anton Skakun, Ukrainian violinist, holds a position in the 1st violins in Brussels Philharmonic,

Karel Steylaerts, Belgian cellist, holds the position of principal cello in Brussels Philharmonic,

Mihai Cocea, romanian violist, who holds the position of principal viola in Brussels Philharmonic, and is also the former principal viola of the St. Gallen Sinfonieorchester in Switzerland,

Monika Młynarczyk, Polish violist, who holds a position in the violas of The Chamber Orchestra of The National Forum of Music in Poland and has played with Luxembourg Philharmonic, Antverp Symphony Orchestra.

Monika Młynarczyk © D.R.

And, of course, Angelina Abadjieva, Bulgarian violinist, who was the concert master at the Cologne WDR Radio Orchestra before dedicating herself entirely to a solo career. She won several “First Prizes” in lots of competitions such as Gieseking (Germany) and the Kocian Violin Competition (Czech Republic)

She was also a laureate at the Niccolo Paganini International Competition in Italy. Angelina has performed as a soloist in Germany, Italy, England, Russia, Czech Republic, Korea & Bulgaria. She has been chosen to be the guest of Brussels Muzieque last concert of the first season, on 26th of November at the Art Base.

What are the plans for next year ?

Brussels Muzieque is now finishing its first season. But it’s not over! Beginning of next year, the team of BM is planning to create something “big” in the universe of chamber music. The 13th of February at 6:30pm, the opening evening of the new season will be presented. That’s the new D-Day of Brussels Muzieque. The concert is planned in March, in April… and in the following months ! More informations on the next events will come soon… stay tuned and connected… to this incredible team of musicians !
More informations on the website of Brussels Muzieque and on the Facebook page !
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