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My fiancé loves to plan our holidays. He learned this from his dad who did the same. This basically means that he starts planning months in advance. First the date, followed by the destination and then the hotel and most importantly the food. As he is half Italian, people often ask for tips about Italy so he wrote an extensive document about it (I keep saying he should turn it into a book).

But wouldn’t it be interesting to plan your next holiday/trip on a platform and to share it with others? Well it does and it is actually already possible. The platform is called Libertrip and has been brought to life in 2011 by some passionate travelers from France. Their mission is to make travel planning as fun and playful as the trip itself. I love that idea because the planning and the count down is indeed half of the fun. It is also nice to get feedback and inspiration from real people instead of some random guide you buy at the book store.

You can explore the existing trips here.


Once you’ve logged in with your Facebook account or e-mail address, you will be able to start planning your own trip and inviting other to join you (handy for couples).


Where will your next trip bring you?

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