Bulgaria-Sofia: pastries at the A:part:mental and dinner at Divalka’s

Sofia, Bulgaria, baked treats at A:part:mental and a dinner at Divalka. A few hours’ ride from Belgrade, and Sofia here we are. First impression? Weird, we arrived late, around 2am, and all the streets were pretty dark, no public light, you feel a bit lost. But the next day, sun was there and we could start to enjoy.It’s a no fuss city, modest and not especially great to picture but you really feel good there. Moreover, a lot of nice places so let’s start with cafés.

Here is my fav, A:part:mental, yep it’s like coming at some friend’s place.Upstairs, as its name says, a big appartment, a lot of rooms where you can hang out, relax and listen to some music.We choose the urban art room!


A small stopover in the kitchen where you can smell the cookies being baked and hop let’s make our choice.

Around a domino game, it’ll be a yoghurt and banana shake for Mr G.And some mint-ginger-lemon juice for Mrs F. A few treats too, as this deliciously thick bulgarian yoghurt, served with roasted peanuts and some milk-coffee liqueur. Also a big healthy cookie full of seed and dry fruits.

Budget: 2 drinks + 2 desserts, around 5 euro.

A:part:mental – ul. Neofit Rilski 68 – Sofia

Evening in the same neighborhood, we head to Divalka, a cheap and friendly place and can confirm that Bulgaria is one (if not the one) of the most budget friendly country in Europe.

Design is not outstanding, it has a bit of an austrian flair and is crowded with students.Time to check out the classics: A tarator, chilled cucumber soup with walnuts and dill.


Mr G wants comfort food, thus a beef and orange stew with a simple potato mash.I want to be back on the trail after our party time in Serbia, and those grilled vegetables are perfect for it.

But at the end, sugar still comes by with a biscuit cake, a local fav’ you can find anywhere in town: layers of soaked biscuits (in alcohol, cream, milk) and milk pudding. A kind of tiramisu, if we may say. Another treat? A creamy mix of yoghurt, sour cream and caramelized pieces of almonds.

Digestion time with a glass of Mastika, an anis-seed based alcool. Bill? 5 euro per head, including two big glasses of beer.

Divalka. 41A 6th September – Sofia

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