Chasing your princess dreams in Germany !

When I say Germany, I’m sure a lot of you think Berlin, hipsters, clubs and parties. But just as Belgium doesn’t mean Brussels (yeah, I know it could be surprising to discover that), Germany is not all about the capital city¹ !

Truth is we often forget how our lovely neighbour countries are full of beautiful places, hidden (or not) treasures, cultural and historical monuments and how fun but also cheaper (and way more eco-friendly if you use public transport) it is to travel about, discovering a country which is not 5000 km away from your hometown.

And if you think that Germany isn’t the sexier destination at all, well, I’ll show you how wrong you are, right now !

Nowadays, almost everyone watched at least one of  these cheesy Disney movies talking about princes, princesses and their beautiful castles. And even if grown-up girls are not really looking for a prince charming anymore (at least most of them), the idea of living in a beautiful castle with a great view and lots of people serving you is and will always be a pleasant fantasy, isn’t it ?Well, that’s probably not gonna happen. At least for most of us. But what a best way to deal with it than visiting castles who could have been your little princes and princesses playground ?

And to do so, Germany is the best European destination, so far. Of course, France has some pretty castles too but none of them are as magical as The Sleeping Beauty Castle. Let me show it to you :

Quite nice, isn’t it ? Here are some  other pictures to give you a better idea of this place :

What is this place ? You would you ask me. It’s the… (wait for it) the Neuschwanstein Castle, or “Schloss Neuschwanstein” in German (well, I think we agree that if they have dreamy castles, their language is however more like a nightmare…).

The Neuschwanstein Castle is a Bavarian Castle well located on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau and was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria during the nineteenth century. This charming romantic palace was used for several movies but also as model for the well-known Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and is, of course, a must-see for a lot of tourists. The 53,578 posts on Instagram couldn’t tell us otherwise and we couldn’t blame them, could we ?


If this castle is breathtaking, this also applies to the queue you have to do to get to it, see it and then visit it. It truly seems like there are people visiting it day and night. Well, maybe it’s less crowded during the low season but I have to admit that I clearly doubt it. The castle was already, in 2008, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe with its 1.3 million visitors per year so I guess it’s even worse nowadays.

Does that mean you shouldn’t go for it ? Of course not ! But forget having the Castle for yourself and reacting some Sleeping Beauty scenes, it would be foolish of you. Also, avoid going to Bavaria just to see this pretty castle, you would be frustrated to travel that much to share it with hundreds of loud and weird strangers, all glued to their fancy camera. And, last but not least, forget your wedding proposal’s idea unless you really want to see these fancy cameras suddenly turn towards you.

Don’t worry, Bavaria is full of resources and have plenty beautiful things to see and visit. Here is our top 3 :

    1. The Linderhof Palace :

      It is another palace commissioned by Ludwig II. Its amazing fountains and incredible gardens are absolutely not to miss ! The castle may seem a bit “too much” with all its statues and golden decorations but the decorum is definitely worth it. Take a look at this amazing view !

    2. The Kehlsteinhaus :

      Also known as the Eagle’s Nest in English, the Kehlsteinhaus is one of the Führer Headquarters. On the Kehlstein, at 1.834 m of altitude, the building was given to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday as a teahouse for diplomats. If the building is not the most beautiful and appealing one, the view is, however, astounding. The price to get up there is also quite impressive. You can, of course, try yo do by feet but be careful cause it would mean a 2,5 hours walk to get there so 5 hours in total (and I’m not even talking about the time you need to get there, depending on your accommodation’s place, in the first place). Please take that in consideration before leaving to the Eagle’s Nest !

    3. The Weltwald :

      This is a park  we have discovered by chance while driving in the countryside. This park doesn’t look like the ones we’re usually use to. When wandering about, it seems like this place is lost, in a middle of nowhere. Big trees, mosses and all different kind of vegetation seem have taken over the place. The picturesque and charming chapel St Clement Oberberghausen,  kind of hidden in this messy nature, gives you the impression that time has stopped and that, maybe, you’ll find some dwarfs or monks living in this peculiar little building.

Of course, this top 3 is not exhaustive. There are plenty of Bavarian cities that are worth a visit. Munich and Nuremberg are the most important ones but some  villages are not to forget as well.

If you like palaces and royal life, there are some other castles I didn’t talk about like the Hohenschwangau Castle, Herrenchiemsee New Palace, Burg zu Burghausen, Trausnitz Castlethat that could definitely complete your castle’s tour ! And, for the beer’s lovers, the Oktoberfest beer festival is the event of the year !

So, who said Germany wasn’t a dreamy destination ?!

¹ A city we wrote a lot about, by the way (only in French but as I’ve always taken for granted that all Culture Remains’ readers are smart asses incredibly languages talented, I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you)

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