Duolingo makes learning (sometimes unexpectedly) fun !

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I reckon many of you already know Duolingo, this free science-based language education platform created in 2011.

If you don’t know it yet, the principle is quite simple : You create a profile, choose one of many languages to learn, set your goal per day and after a level test (if you’re not a beginner), you can start your journey.

Your learning is organised by topics. Some of them are grammatical, other ones are themes like politics, animals and so on. Every topic is divided by exercices (usually between 5 and 10) and you have to finish one exercice to gain some “experience” in the language you’re learning.

By earning this XP you’re able to reach your daily goal and by finishing a topic you earn the right to start the next one.

Of course, the topics and the exercices get more difficult. For instance, you usually start by words that you have to translate in your mother tongue by choosing the right answer proposed by Duolingo itself and end by translating full sentences in the language you’re learning without hints but based on the words you just studied.

Pretty simple as I said.

With more than 170 million users, the platform has been internationally recognised and keeps on growing and improving its services. As every program created and updated by humans, it appears that some errors and… let’s say weird combinations of words remain, which are, actually, quite enjoyable when you realise how surreal it would be to say the sentence they suggested out loud

But images are better than words, they say so here are a few samples of what you could find on Duolingo :

  1. It appears that sometimes Duolingo is confused by all these language it masters…
…And then Spanish suddenly pops out nowhere.

2. And it also happens to study philosophy and metaphysics.

To be possible or not, that’s the question, indeed…

3. Sometimes Duolingo could surprise you by using a word you thought it didn’t exist but it actually did…

4. … Or embrace its novelist’s vocation and describe his environment like his well-konwn mentors, Zola and Balzac.

In other words, you’re eating that fucking cheese, Am I right?

5. Duolingo can have convictions… for its own (and weird) reasons.

But if he would have been grumpy, it would have been a whole different story…

6. … And some traumatises, it seems.

What a relief, indeed.

7. It also occurs that Duolingo have a lot of faith in the learning abilities of the human species…

He’s damn right ! It’s never to early to learn to bike, anyway !

8. … But a really weird understanding of the nature of its relationship with animals and objects…

What about you ? Ever found out a weird sentence while studying a foreign language (with Duolingo or something else?). Tell us about it !

P.S. : No offense intended, Duolingo. I’m also one of your many users (and fans) and I do love your plateform !

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