Don’t want to stay in your living room because it’s cold and rainy outside (as it is so often in Belgium) ? Don’t know what to watch on television because there’s nothing interesting ? Looking for some sun and newness ? Greek is here !

However this name doesn’t have anything to do with Greece, Greek cheese or even the crisis over there. Actually, it’s an American television series, whose main themes are : CAMPUS, PARTIES, ROMANCE, FRIENDSHIP, RIVALRIES, SORORITIES and FRATERNITIES !

The characters are really engaging, including the pretty and sympathic Casey Cartwight who aspires to become president of ZBZ’s house (interpreted by Spencer Grammer), the sagacious and clumsy Rusty Cartwight (Jacob Zachar), the sexy party animal who doesn’t really know what to do with his life alias Cappie (Scott Michael Foster also has a role in the series Californication … don’t drool over him too much on your keyboard), Evan Chambers the beautiful and rich dicertified heir (Jake McDorman), Calvin Owens the homosexual best friend (Paul James), the fashion addict and dynamic Ashleigh Howard (Amber Stevens), the despicable senator Logan’s daughter : Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) and the catholic opponent to the greek system: Dale Kettlewell (Clark Duke).

In a nutshell : at Cyprus-Rhodes, the campus belongs mainly to sororities and fraternities. To become a member and benefit from all the advantages deriving from it, you need to be in the good graces of some, without hesitating to get it a lot in the neck, take on challenges and be able to prove that you know how to party without misfiring. But once admitted in their new home, their « second family », (the characters will discover the reverse coin of beer in it) and the sorrows (treasons, deceptions, calling into questions…) that this entails.

Girls (or guys) : it’s scientifically proved that it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to succumb to Cappie and/or Evan ! So, sit back comfortably in front of your screen, and let yourself be swept away by the mirth of this serie (although you’ll certainly be sad to come to the last episode of the season BUT in this case it’ll mean you really thought well of it) ! Enjoy !

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Un jour je recevrai ma lettre d'admission pour étudier à Poudlard, j'aurai un train de vie digne de "Gossip Girl" (comprendre : un dressing de malade et de l'argent qui tombe du ciel), je voyagerai à travers le monde, j'aurai un majordome, ... L'espoir fait vivre !

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