Happy 2014 !

Pyrotechnic display with a colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers on a black background to welcome in the New Year

I don’t know if you feel the same but personnally, I wasn’t fond  of 2013 at all.

Maybe it’s the 13, maybe not. Usually I’m not superstitious but clearly 2013 sucked. You may think that I’m  exaggerating a bit but honestly, I’m not…

4 jobs in a year, a credit card lost 2 times in 3 months,  a lot of silly administration stuff, a complicated moving, a new website with all its problems, too many boring things to change, too many expensive things to fix, a scary visit to the emergency room, a lot of unexpected medical interventions,  so many useless discussions, some really unkind words said and people met, a lot of dickheads, shitty weather… And all the other things I don’t (want to) remember, right now.

That’s why I figured that 2014 couldn’t be that bad and would probably be awesome (well, at least if we compare the two it shouldn’t be that difficult, trust me) and why I also wanted to wish you the same, just in case you had the same messy and unlucky year (and if you didn’t, just go to hell, please!).

In the meantime, well,  yes, 2013 was a messy and an unlucky year but I also have to admit that I have been to magnificent places, went for wonderful walks, seen beautiful landscapes, met more people than the previous year, had a lot of fun, danced all night every time I could,  played funny games with people I love, seen some good plays and movies, read books that have changed my life, drew way more than before, been to some really good restaurants, seen a lot of old but really good friends and made some new ones, been helped by generous and kind people without any reason, learned so many different things, received so many nice compliments and wishes…

And all that makes me think that maybe 2013 was not so bad after all… Anyway, no matter how our year was, 2014 will be fucking awesome or won’t be at all (well, that’s maybe too extreme but… it’s funnier that way, don’t you think?)

Happy New Year ! 🙂

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I'm always curious about new things, I love learning and I'm a creative person. That means I need to use my creativity to feel good and happy. That's why I've created Culture Remains and my other website, Naïra.

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