Joline from LoJoLa Coffeeshop

Sometimes I think it would be nice to run a coffeeshop or a flower shop for that matter. Meet Joline Van der Stighelen, a woman who had the balls to actually start from scratch!She serves only home-made cakes and freshly ground coffee with a feminine touch. I get hungry just by looking at the pictures! Don’t you?Make sure to grab a coffee and a home-made cake during your next shopping trip in Antwerp!

1. What do you do in life?

I run a small coffeeshop (named Lojola) in Antwerp, where I also bake delicious cakes, cookies, muffins,… to go with it.

2. What is the best advice you ever received?

Always keep smiling! Even with difficult customers, give them your best piece of cake and try to have them leave with a big smile on their face.

3. Pick 3 items you would take to a desert island

My boyfriend – a leatherman multitool (so the boyfriend can build me a nice treehouse) – my earplugs (don’t go anywhere without them!)

4. What would your day look like if I told you that, as from now, your planning just had been cleared?
I would love to sit at home on a rainy day and just watch my favorite tv-shows all day, but an entrepreneur can’t just turn off his/her brain, so I probably would do some groceries hopping for Lojola, clean the house, iron,…

5. What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered and how did you overcome it?

How to start! I had a rundown place that needed some serious TLC, had no idea how to bake any cake at all, never made coffee in my life, and had no idea how to start going through the piles and piles of paperwork! Fortunately, my parents helped me with the renovation, Caffénation showed me how to make a decent cappuccino, and Martha Stewart explained me everything there is to know about carrot cake. As for the paperwork : still trying to figure that one out!

6. Who or what inspires you?

Martha Stewart! The woman runs an empire and knows everything!

7. How do you find your ‘zen’ after a hectic day?

Have a nice hot bath to relieve my back, put on my pajama’s and watch “Don’t tell the bride”. There’s nothing like a bunch of women going crazy over letting go of their wedding.

8. What would be your last supper?

Vol-au-vent from ‘De Gulden Swaene’, a place across the street from my shop. Best-comfortfood-ever.

9. What is your secret little pleasure?

It’s not so secret and not so little, but I can really enjoy a nice piece of Banoffee Pie. Home-made of course.

10. As who or what would you love to reincarnate?

Oprah. Because I love giving things away!

Adress: Lojola Coffeeshop

Hendrik Conscienceplein

142000 Antwerpen


Picture by Frederik Beyens

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