How to manage Bitstrips?

You probably saw the Bitstrips comics invading your Facebook timeline in the past few days. The aim of this app is to design cartoon versions of yourself and to create cartoons featuring yourself and your friends/family/partner.

Believe me it is not an easy task to create a cartoon version of yourself but I had a lot of pleasure designing mine.


I also have to admit that I like to create those cartoons but I am certainly not a fan of posting them all on Facebook!

It is alright to post one cartoon but it is less alright to post ten of those cartoons at once. Alternately you could just share them within the Bitstrips app. If you really want to share it with others, do it via Whatsapp or Gmail or … by using the sharing button. This way you can have fun without spamming your whole network. Below some cartoons I’ve only shared within the app and with my sister.




If you are tired of seeing the cartoons on Facebook, you can simply hide them by clicking the arrow to the right of it, and select ‘Hide All’.


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