Meg Stuart hunts for truth

“How can I digest the many influences and traces that shaped me as a person and artist? How can my body unfold quantum genealogies and unrealized histories?”

A tricky question to ask yourself, especially for your first evening-length solo. In ‘Hunter’ Meg Stuart, American choreographer based in Brussels, takes on this task of self-exploration. She sets off for a hunt: chasing memories, anecdotes and movements in an interdisciplinary one woman show.

What we get is a journey of creation in fragments. Stuart starts off sat down at a table. She’s cutting up pieces of photographs, and collating them back together. Then, after she’s created a rather lovely piece of art, she unexpectedly sets fire to her creation. A reminder that everything is ephemeral, and our memories fallible as time documents.

When Stuarts moves, which is what the first half of the piece consists of, she moves in a shadow world between dance and expression. Her choreography is far removed from the stunted attempts at waltzing I used to make during ballroom dancing class, but they represent the same kind of self-portrait: the physical, embodied, experiences of a growing human. Her lie the fragments of a life which Stuart shares with us, a rather confused but enthralled audience.

Hunter disassembles a life as much as it disassembles dance. In the second half of the show, Stuart morphs from a dancer into a speaker, an effortless transition into what almost feels like stand-up comedy the relates some of her earliest memories, relives encounters she had with some of her heroes and reflects on what is real and what is fake.

None of the topics she touches upon are easy, but Stuart is not here to explain to us why life is difficult. Rather, she opts to show us an intriguing puzzle. Make of it what you will. But know that all of the elements are important in the journey to find out how the past influences the present.

Seen 03.09 @Kaaitheater, in the line up of the Theater Festival.

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