Mons, European capital of culture in 2015

Not every year can Belgium be proud to host a European Capital of Culture. In 2015, culture will settle in Mons for one year.

After Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges, Mons will be the European representative for culture. If the capital city of the province of Hainaut arouses less interest and enthusiasm than its  counterparts, it has yet much to offer : a city centre full of history, ancient traditions, a rich cultural heritage acknowledged by the UNESCO, a territory of famous artists,… The European title will be the opportunity to learn more about the cité du doudou, and to enjoy an ambitious cultural program.

What’s on the programme? Culture of all genres and for all! The big themes of this edition include:

Exceptional exhibitions of big artists’ works, such as Verlaine or Van Gogh
Creators, designers and stylists who become knowing artists of the city
Surprising urban art
Living arts to awake all the senses
Ailleurs en folie, to encounter the world
Technology, in which generation will go hand in hand with exchange and cooperation
Architecture that will integrate past and present
Youth in the midst of the action

Theatre, music, dance, literature, fashion, shows, architecture, community life, gastronomy, new technologies, festivals, plays, exhibitions, museums,… In all, around a thousand cultural and artistic activities spread over 300 events await you in Mons and its region, but also beyond, as 18 partner towns take part in the event. Mons 2015 promises us a beautiful cultural year !

Discover all the programme and get more information on Mons 2015 website

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