During my quest for the perfect Christmas gift, numerous shop doors have been opened. Well, yes, you can’t find the perfect gift on every street corner… ( you could have believed I was in a roundabout or something)

Out for a stroll one day, I came upon a wonder : MOOK’S, this little shop located in rue du Bailli.


I must say I’m a big fan of kitsch and ethnic accessories so I found the shop front mouth-watering from the very start. Very original clothes of all kinds (a bit expensive however), divers and various accessories: very nice socks, really affordable and extremely original jewels, vintage shoes, scarves for every taste … in short, a super address and as I am nice, I give you the tip !


Moreover, the shop is lovely, there are spaces between the various shelves (you don’t stifle in it) and the manager is really nice !

What else ?!

Opening hours:
– Monday : 1pm – 6.30pm
– from Tuesday to Friday : 11am – 6.30 pm
– Saturday : 10.30am – 7pm

Phone : 02/649.44.94

Translated from Mook’s by Emilie Fouquet

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