Movie tip : The Spectacular Now

Less is more, or so they say. After watching The Spectacular Now, I couldn’t agree more.

The screenplay can be summarized in one sentence (popular party-loving guy meets mousy, studious girl), the dialogue is pretty elemental (a lot of it was improvised) and the setting’s stripped down to your average American town (no make-up or glamorous outfits there). And yet, this film hit me harder than any other movie I’ve seen recently.  Sounds heavy? Well yes, and no. It is and isn’t. The end credits start rolling before you realize, and by then nothing much has happened, but the story resonates so much longer.

In all its simplicity and honesty, it makes you ponder disappointments and defeats, the (un)escapeability of fate and (going for) what you really want. So, my movie tip of the week : don’t let the synopsis scare you, watch it (or read the book).

Not convinced? Then the fact that the screenplay was penned by the same guy as 500 Days of Summer or that up & coming actress Shailene Woodley (who starred along George Clooney in The Descendants) plays the lead might change your mind.

Watch the trailer here :

Guest Post by Els Lamberts

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