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We had already written about the European Commission and its ad about Energy. Today, here we are again with a topic we could linked to it: nuclear safety. An important matter, even if we don’t think of it quite often. The reasons?

First of all because we probably haven’t talked about topics like Marie Curie, the radioactivity, the Uranium and its fission, the radioactive waste management and its problems and Chernobyl since our last physics classes.

Secondly because we don’t think we can do anything about it, anyway.

The Chernobyl disaster happened 27 years ago and at that time, everybody was so shocked that nobody wanted to use nuclear energy anymore. But yet, in 2008 nuclear energy produced 15% of the electricity used in Europe. Why? On the one hand, it would have been too expensive to close all the nuclear factories; on the other hand, 27 years later we still don’t have enough alternatives to use renewable energies. And so? Everybody does what they want. Some countries have decided to close all their factories by 2020 and other countries want to build new ones. These two policies are the reason of this ad.

They try to make you think about the necessity of a strong policy concerning the use of nuclear energy but if the warning is quite good, do we feel really concerned in the end? Probably not.

Indeed, they don’t explain anything about the rules, the laws, the projects or the programmes the European Commission made. They tell us we should care about it, that’s all. And, in the end, even if we agree with the idea, we still think it’s the leading people who should care about nuclear safety and do something about it*, not us.

So? The idea is good but we would have expected something a bit deeper, telling us what we could really do about it.

*well, if it doesn’t mean that we would have to make compromises, of course.

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