New shows in English: FFAct at the TTO !

Hey! Guess what?

Tuesday won’t be the typical boring day in Brussels anymore. Indeed, once a month, on Tuesday, a new and exciting type of evenings will take place at the Theatre de la Toison d’Or. The FFAct evenings are made of Fun, Food and ACTing.

They will be a unique and interactive kind of entertainment, each time different and surprising. The purpose is to address the growing and bubbling Brussels’ expat community by having the shows in English and to present artists and cultural references that they will be familiar with. From cooking to music, from magic to plays, a very diversified program in order to surprise you with humour and interactivity as common points.

The first show will be with Gili – The Mentalist on the 21th of January 2014 at 8:30pm.

What is all about?

Develop your five senses to the point that it gives you the impression of having a sixth, that’s the purpose of Gili’s show.

More than a magician, Gili is a mentalist. Could this mean that he can read your mind? This is precisely what he does not want you to believe. Without telepathy or clairvoyance, Gili will even show you his tricks. With a lot of humor, Gili will take you in the misty world of psychics and hypnotists.

Where? At the TTO, 396-398 Galeries de la Toison d’Or, 1050 Ixelles.

More information about FFAct

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