Opening: Mia Zia Pop-Up Store in Brussels

Mia Zia is more than just another apparel brand. It is an invitation to look between the lines. Every garment tells a story, and every story is unique. The Belgian brand produces good quality clothing in fair conditions since 1997. The very first Mia Zia Pop-Up Store opened in the former Cameleon store of Ixelles and you have until the 28th of May to come and meet the universe around this brand.

Here are 5 (good) reasons to go and have a look at it by yourself. For these people do a lot more than mere clothes:

Mia Zia 3

1. It’s beautiful. Enter the world of Mia Zia, where the colours of nature come to life in a raw ambient that will take you on a journey. Travel all the way to a southern landscape, feel the caress of a summer breeze.

2. It’s unique. Each and every piece of garment is handmade with the traditional techniques. Mia Zia’s most representative fabric, the striped knitwear, is manufactured by very skilled artisans in Marrakesh. The coloured threads are knitted randomly forming different colour associations every time. At the first look, two stripped dresses might look the same, but when looking in detail, you can see the variations. Personally, I always feel a little something when holding something that I know is one of a kind.

3. It’s ethical. The colthes are manufactured in remoted workshops around the world in fair working conditions with great respect of the individuals. The 6 employees of this small company make active efforts in the fight for transparency and a better traceability in the textile industry. In the labels hanging of the garments, we learn the story of how and where it’s done, and by whom. The alpaca wool is knitted in Peru, the cashmere in Nepal, the cotton and linen are weaved in Portugal… The brand works only with small workshops chosen for their special savoir-faire, which brings me to the 4th point.

4. It’s good quality. Mia Zia uses only the best noble materials. I’m talking about cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, leather, bamboo, modal… only the best. The finest yarns from Italy are sent directly to the Moroccan workshop to be knitted.

5. It’s Belgian. And we are proud to talk about our national talents! Plus, there are some discounts on the collection this week, from 15% to 50% depending on how many items you get. Not so bad, huh?

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Of course, this working philosophy implies high costs and therefore high prices, but it’s a choice that has been done. Don’t you feel that the world has gone mad with disposable goods? People (women!) buy compulsively clothes and accessories of poor quality that look fabulous when brand new but with a cheap look very soon after. The textile industry is one of the best world employers as it requires a lot of human labour. Thus, it’s logical. If a t-shirt is made in Bangladesh and it costs you 5€… imagine how much is for the transportation and the benefit margins, and how much is left for the manufacturer.

I’m glad to see that some people still choose to do business within respect and in a responsible way. What’s your opinion about it? Do you pay attention to the labels and origin of what you buy? Would you pay more to make sure you get good quality and ethical goods?

Mia Zia Pop-Up Store: from the 22nd to the 28th May.
Former Cameleon Store, Rue Buchholtz, 8-10, 1050 Ixelles.

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