My quest for a perfect skin

A while ago I watched an item about day creams from a show called “Voor hetzelfde geld” on national TV. It drew my attention because I was using a day cream from Avene but I wasn’t that happy about it anymore. I was looking around for a new day cream but I didn’t know what would fit my skin.

The lady in the item applied a ‘cheap’ day cream from a supermarket brand on one side of her face and a high end day cream by Kenzo on the other side for one month to see if this made any difference. From the start I wondered how they would gauge the results, which apparentely could only be quanitified by a skin analysis.

It was the first time I heard about it and I instantly knew that I wanted to get my skin analyzed. Even more so because the conclusion of the test was that neither the ‘cheap’ cream nor the high end cream were good or bad but that you actually had to find a cream that fits your skin.

Google led me to Cascade and I soon made an appointment with Nathalie De Feyter for my own skin analysis. The appointment started with cleaning my face and an intake conversation followed by the actual skin analysis. For the analysis you have to put your face in front of a machine and stand still. Then different pictures of your face are taken, which are then shown on a computer. You get an analysis of your face in different lighting conditions and on different levels. It was really interesting to see and learn more about the condition of my skin.

LES CURIEUSES - Skin Analysis

The skin analysis costs 35€ but is free if you follow the treatment plan based on your analysis. At first I was only planning to do the analysis but since I was looking for a new day cream and that Mrs De Feyter really convinced me, I decided to try the products that would fit my skin. Mrs De Feyter works with products from Environ. I have been trying the Sebuwash, the Alpha Hydroxy Cream, the Antioxidant Cream and the RAD Spray SPF 25.

I use the first one to clean my face in the morning and in the evening, the second one as a night cream and the third and fourth ones during the day. It has been about a month now and I am really happy with my choices. At first I was afraid that they would cost a lot but they aren’t that much more expensive than the creams I bought from Avene, Louis Widmer, etc.

So ladies, caring to know which skin care would fit you best? Try the skin analysis!

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