Samsara bracelets

Today I got to learn a bit more about Samsara, a Danish company which creates beautiful jewellery. The brand – with its Asian heritage – mixes modern design with gemstones from the past and creates luxurious pieces. Samsara actually stands for “reincarnation” in Sanskrit, and reflects the idea of eternal renewal. I found these bracelets marvellous and decided to share a few pics… (anyone looking for THE perfect gift?)

All of their pieces are unique and handcrafted. Each bracelet is made out of gemstones from prayer beads, two Zitan wood beads and a Mandala ball (the centre piece), and each one has a special lock (with a dragon, phoenix or even snake for the new collection). I was amazed by these magnificent pieces, especially by their handmade details.


These one of a kind bracelets (among other jewellery) are available in Denmark, China and Russia – including at the Tsum department store; for more info and details check their site here, where they will also be launching a new e-shop soon!

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