Schipluiden – The Netherlands : Biological restaurant De Herdershof

So here we are in the little village of Schipluiden, perfectly located along a canal between Rotterdam and Delft. You couldn’t find a more romantical setting: view on the fields, cyclists and lovely small houses. A pleasant Dutch cliché, en somme.

You might pass by a church, you might not even notice it. And actually, if you come closer, tadaaa it’s a restaurant. Owned by an ex truck driver turned into a biological food lover. Everything is homegrown and, of course, seasonal. Very vegetarian friendly. So, it’s slightly more expensive (main meal: 18/19 euro) than the average Dutch restaurant but at least, you know what you pay for. Vegetables from their own garden, isn’t it a luxury? What should be normal is now a treat: They taste great. They have a taste. Not like those bland tomatoes we are sadly used to. Thus the way to prepare them is “lekker” (yummy, in Dutch) though simple. Little or no herbs or spices. The pure root vegetable taste, take it or leave it.

We had an extremely smooth parsnip mash, topped with a Spanish salsify strudel. And around, you can sample a few delicacies: Carrot croquette, potato muffin, roasted sweet potato, and a salad made with walnuts, celery and yellow carrots.

For sweets, you can choose a karnemelk hangop. Translation anyone? Strained buttermilk. Perfect creamy texture. But for 4,50 euro, it could definitively be a bit bigger. Otherwise, the almond-pear tart with nicely caramelized edges was a hit.

A really interesting place I would feel like visiting again during summer time to see how the menu changes.

Just on detail though: The church is now closed and turned into a lecture room with kind of new age conferences that make me scared – like the power of vibrating and quantum physics in your relationships (?!) (I’m much to scientific and rationalist for this nonsense, sorry). It would be much better if the place would stick to food and ecology and drop this part.

De Herdershof – Rijksstraatweg 22 – 2636 AX – Schipluiden
+31 15 380 1840

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