Swapping crisis for city

Since the beginning of March and until Sunday April 12, 2015, you can discover this exhibition for free. It is a collaboration between Bozar Architectures and the Goethe-Institut. We Traders is a platform for exchange above all. Since 2013, it gathers citizens’, activists’ and artists’ initiatives. They offer alternatives to the crisis in Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Turin and Toulouse. In all these cities, citizens, the We-Traders, bring about or take part in the change they wish for their city and, on a broader level, for society: alternative housing projects, consumption of local products, common goods etc.

The exposition is also interactive: the visitors are invited to participate and discuss. We-Traders presents thirty initiatives by staging various objects and photographs, as well as videos of people sharing their expertise or their outlook on the city and the crisis. During its showing in Brussels, the exhibition (curated by Angelika Fitz and Rose Epple) was enriched and also presents five projects implemented in the Brussels region:

(1) the Brussels Poets Collective offers a multilingual poetry reflecting a city where languages and cultures blend;

(2) CanalPark BXL seeks to involve the inhabitants in a project aimed at obtaining an leftover public space (especially to cars) gives way to the development of a park.

(3) Commons Josaphat invites to seize the opportuniy of the refurbishment of an urban waste land of 24 ha to involve the population in the decisions and “to build the city together”;

(4) Community Landtrust Brussels (CLTB) wishes to become owner of grounds to transform them into common goods and build housing for the most deprived on them.

(5) W-o-l-k-e transformed unoccupied offices into a space dedicated to culture and creation.

These are all thrilling initiatives inviting us to rethink our city by seizing the crisis as an opportunity to reconsider creation, collective and society.

Until April 12, 2015 at  BOZAR (Foyers room), Ravenstein Street, 23 1000 Brussels.
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5.30pm (and until 8.30pm on Thursdays)

Translated from We traders. Sous la crise, la ville by Lyonel

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